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Sign Of The Hammer

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Total time:40:26
Vocals:Eric Adams
Bass Guitar:Joey DeMaio
Guitar:Ross The Boss
Drums&Percussion:Scott Columbus

1.All Men Play On Ten(3:54)
3.Thor (The Powerhead)(5:22)
5.Sign Of The Hammer(4:16)
6.The Oath(4:50)
8.Guyana (The Cult of The Damned)(7:06)

All Men Play On Ten

I made a rock'n'roll sin
When I tried givin in to
make money had to turn down low.
They said, "why be proud, don't play so loud,
be like us and get a sound that's real thin.
Wear a polyester suit, act happy look cute,
get a haircut and buy small gear"
That's when I turned to them and said,
"hold it, right there!"

Well it's more to me than just a job,
and while I'm playin' you won't get robbed.
Nobody tells a man how to play,
It just ain't that way hey, hey, hey,
can you hear me say...

All men play on ten,
never gonna turn down again.
All men play on ten,
never gonna turn down.

I'm jet fuel honey, plug me into 220
Step back and let my fingers fly
While I'm burning up my gear
There's a fire in your ear
That won't stop until the day you die.

I really put it to the floor when I hear the crowd roar
Oh it's music to my ears when they scream
Then I run back to the power rack
and deck all of my gear.

Well it's more to me than just a job,
and while I'm playin' you won't get robbed.
Nobody tells a man how to play,
It just ain't that way hey, hey, hey,
can you hear me say...

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Hear the call of the wild in us all
It waits for the night to fall
I'm getting hot, I'm ready for the night
No holding back, let's
I'm gonna give all you can take all night
And leave you in the morning feeling right

I'm an animal, there's an animal in me
Gonna set it free
I'm an animal, there's an animal in me
Gonna set it free

I've been looking, you've been watching from the side
Tere's somethings you just can't hide
Oh, you're getting wet, you're working up a sweat
Your hair's standing up on end
Your skin is screaming, glad we met?
Tonight's one night you won't forget

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Thor (The Powerhead)

Black clouds on the horizon
Great thunder and burning rain
His chariot pounding,
I heard the heavens scream his name

I watched as he shouted
To the giants that died that day
He hehd up his hammer high
And called to Odin for a sign

Thor the mighty, Thor the brave
Crush the infidels in your way
By your hammer let none be saved
Live to die on that final day
Gods, Monsters and Men
We'll die together in the end

God of thunder, god of rain
Earth shaker who feels no pain
The powerhead of the Universe
Now send your never ending curse

Swing your hammer to crack the sky
Lift your cape so that you might fly
Back to Odin and the Gods on High
And leave this mortal world

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So tall, silent against the sky
Up through the clouds where eagles fly
Wind and rain beat down on one so strong
They cut but never change, what stood so long

Tall as a mountain, I'm gonna tear through the sky
Life's for the taking

Like a man is a mountainside
Greatness waits for those who try
None can teach you, it's all inside
Just climb

I am in the ground, I am in the air
I am all, I live in the hearts of men
I am the call to greatness
Not all can hear

I awaken the creator in those who dare
And the day will come, when we all must die
And enter the mountainside

I have no fear
Death and Glory
Both draw near

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Sign Of The Hammer

P>The spell has been broken,
the curse has been lifted
Black is the wind on the heels
Of the Gifted
Four sworn to vengeance,
See the hate in our eyes
Called by the Gods, and given a sign

Onward pounding Into Glory Ride
Sign of the Hammer be my guide
Final warning all stand aside
Sign of the Hammer it's my time

Pounding, pounding, we are back from the dead
those who denied us are delivered instead
Into the hands of Four sworn to ride
Now the people will triumph and live by the sign

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The Oath

Burning embers of the second death will come in the night
Priests and kings, the alpha and omega, poison bites
False prophets and deceivers swing from the trees
Now dawn the age of birds
Drunk with blood, like lepers with disease
Lord of the sky Mercury the guide
Lord of the underworld, I swear the sacred rite
I will crucify, slay them with their tribe
Hear my war cry

They'll find no sanctuary hidden in their ancestral halls
Let loose the knot that binds the spirit and flesh
Let it fall
For only courage and heroism linger after death
So, hold fast thy sword, rejecting pain, feel the dragons

I've sworn the oath

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Guyana (The Cult of The Damned)

We thank you for the kool aid, reverend Jim
We're glad to leave behind their world of sin
Our lifeless bodies fall on holy ground
Rotting flesh, a sacrificial mound

Were you our god or a man in a play
Who took our applause and forced us to stay
Now all together we lived as we died
On your command by your side

Guyana in the Cult of the Damned
Give us your word for the grand final stand
Guyana in the Cult of the Damned
Give us your word for the grand final stand

In the Cult of the Damned we all worked the land
Too afraid to look up we all feared his hand
Hurry my children there isn't much time
But we'll meet again on the other side
Be good to the children and old people first
Hand them a drink they're dying of thirst

Bigfoot Bigfoot thrown in a well
Pulled under water screaming like hell
He told us life was just a hotel
Time to check out when he rang the bell

Mother, Mother

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