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  • 2006-09-21
  • On July 23rd of 2005, MANOWAR headlined the Earthshaker Fest 2005. This performance was a unique historical event, as it included a grand finale featuring MANOWAR members past and present on stage as one powerful, heavy metal legion as well as an epic set up with a 200-piece choir and orchestra. The majesty and emotion of this event and the overwhelming reaction of more than 25.000 fans in attendance, serves as a fantastic example of the preeminence that MANOWAR embodies.

    Accompanying this spectacular concert, the MANOWAR Mega Fan Convention itself was something to marvel at. Thousands of fans from countries across the globe converged on Geiselwind, Germany for three days of MANOWAR festivities. After witnessing the devotion and commitment of MANOWAR's fans, it is obvious why the band attests to having "the greatest fans in the world".

    Track List:

    • Manowar
    • Brothers Of Metal
    • Call To Arms
    • Sun Of Death
    • Kings Of Metal
    • Sign Of The Hammer
    • Blood Of My Enemies
    • Kill With Power
    • Metal Warriors
    • The Glory Of Achilles
    • Metal Daze
    • Dark Avenger
    • Outlaw
    • House Of Death
    • Herz Aus Stahl
    • Prelude To Act III (Lohengrin)
    • King Of Kings
    • Warriors Of The World United
    • Hail And Kill
    • Black Wind, Fire And Steel
    • Battle Hymn
    • The Crown And The Ring


    • Unique packaging
    • Over 6 hours of footage
    • Filmed in full HD quality with 27 cameras
    • Multiflap Digipak with 12 page booklet
    • 1st full length headliner concert recording
    • Features all band members – past and present
    • Over 4 hours of bonus content
    • Mixed by Grammy nominee Rich Breen in full 5.1 surround sound

    Release dates " Live At Earthshaker Fest 2005 " Double DVD :

    • November 10, 2006 ( Germany )
    • November 13, 2006 ( Europe )
    • November 21, 2006 ( USA )

  • 2006-09-21
  • An E-Card for MANOWAR's upcoming EP "The Sons Of Odin", can be accessed at this location.

  • 2006-09-20
  • The new MANOWAR EP, "The Sons Of Odin" is currently available for pre-order in the special Immortal Package format on www.manowar.com. Anyone who pre-orders will receive a special surprise from the band. This special offer is limited to pre-orders only. The EP will also be available as a paid download in MP3 format at midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on October 4th, 2006.

  • 2006-09-15
  • In MANOWAR news today, some details have been revealed about the new full-length album "Gods Of War", which will be released in mid to late January of 2007.

    MANOWAR has always used warrior imagery that takes the listener back to legendary times. These themes have included the dark ages, Greek mythology and Norse mythology. MANOWAR’s upcoming opus "Gods Of War" will feature Nordic themes as evidenced by the "The Sons Of Odin" EP.

    "Gods Of War" has evolved into a multi-part epic cycle which will include tributes to the Gods of Valhalla. Continuing MANOWAR’s mission to never stray from their heavy metal style, "Gods Of War" will present a new level of heaviness, intensity and brutality to the MANOWAR mythos. "With this kind of theme… when you are paying tribute to Odin, the God of War, country music or jazz would not create the appropriate mental imagery and would not do justice to the Father of the Gods himself", says MANOWAR bassist and founder Joey DeMaio. "Heavy Metal is needed to tell this tale".

    With "Gods Of War", MANOWAR is calling all warriors to enter Valhalla. Let the battle begin!

    Finally, also the new cover artwork for "The Sons Of Odin" EP, by longtime MANOWAR collaborator Ken Kelly, has been revealed :

    "THE SONS OF ODIN" EP - Jewel Case


    "The Sons Of Odin" EP Pricing

    When asked about the pricing set for the upcoming "The Sons Of Odin" EP, DeMaio says "Our fans deserve the best and we don't care about chart rankings when we can offer fans a bonus by defying the ranking system". It seems that the EP will not be ranked on the new German music charts upon its release because it defies price requirements which would require that the special EP package be sold at a double-album price, but MANOWAR’s intention was always to offer maximum value and minimum cost to fans.

    "We will not comply with the German chart regulations because we want to give the fans a great package (with a full poster booklet which includes also the brand-new artwork "King Of Kings") for a reasonable price not dictated by the industry. That results in the non-chart-ability for Germany". The EP will available on the official MANOWAR website for direct order and direct download upon its release.

    MANOWAR’s battle will begin within the next few days with the launch of the E – Card for "The Sons Of Odin" EP and the fans can also expect a Virtual Release Party at www.manowar.com . More info about this will follow shortly.

    Release dates "The Sons Of Odin" EP :

    • October 6, 2006 ( Germany )
    • October 9, 2006 ( Europe )
    • October 24, 2006 ( USA )

  • 2006-09-11
  • The release of the upcoming MANOWAR album has been postponed and as a result, so has the accompanying European Demons, Dragons and Warriors Tour.

    However, fans should not be alarmed, as MANOWAR has a good reason for this postponement. "This is actually being done for the betterment of our fans," says bassist and MANOWAR founder Joey DeMaio."After having to delay the tour the first time due to Karl’s accident the band returned to the studio to continue work on the album. We wanted to do something special for the fans and so we decided the only real way to thank them for their faith would be to give them more Manowar metal."

    "Thus the Gods Of War has grown into a massive, multifaceted concept, similar to Wagner’s Ring Cycle, this is a massive project of epic proportions. The really good news is that elements of this grand new opus will be released periodically over the course of the next year so that fans won’t have to wait years for new songs. Naturally as the album concept has grown in the true Manowar style the tour production has grown beyond epic proportions as well and this next tour will definitely bring the metal concert experience to new heights."

    The new German tour dates are listed below and other tour dates will be rescheduled for the first quarter of 2007 and will be posted here.

    The new German tour dates are as follows:

    • March 22 2007 Berlin
    • March 23 2007 Munich
    • March 24 2007 Frankfurt
    • March 27 2007 Dortmund
    • March 28 2007 Hamburg
    • March 30 2007 Nuremburg
    • March 31 2007 Stuttgart

  • 2006-09-07
  • Be the first to take a look at this monster, get the latest MANOWAR news and some free items from the promo team. Also, visit the merchandise store inside where brand new Manowar merchandise will be available. You can find the truck at the European Bike Weekend Festival at Arneitz Village in Faak, Austria on Saturday, September 9th and Sunday, September 10th.

    Please visit www.europeanbikeweek.com for more information.

    More MANOWAR Show Truck appearance dates will be made available soon. Stay tuned.

  • 2006-09-04
  • MANOWAR will be bringing their heavy metal machine to a town near you – literally.

    Magic Circle Music - the international record label that is home to multiple bands including MANOWAR, RHAPSODY OF FIRE and HOLYHELL – and their associated partner of B&R Medientechnik in Germany have jointly created a powerful, original U.S. truck with a 500 horsepower, 12.7 liter engine to serve as a promotional tool and mobile merchandizing center. This impressive beast will help spread the heavy metal message to cities across the globe.

    Not only will the truck convert into a lounge for interviews, presentations and street promotion activities, but it will also be a fully operational vending center for Magic Circle Music merchandise.

    At over 20 meters long, the truck will function as a mobile billboard as well, boldly emblazoned with the MANOWAR logo and featuring brand new artwork by famed artist Ken Kelly and an list of MANOWAR tour dates. The truck will be featured in promotional and motorsports events and at live music events, where street teams will hand out flyers and offer incentives to dedicated fans. Don’t miss the MANOWAR truck, coming soon to a city near you!

  • 2006-08-28
  • The undisputed Kings Of Metal will release their first ever EP entitled "The Sons Of Odin".

    "We decided that just a single wasn't enough," said bassist Joey DeMaio. "We want to give our fans maximum value for minimum expense and the EP format is the best way to do that. It gives us the opportunity to cram tons of audio and video content into one package."

    The EP will feature over 27 minutes of total playing time. Besides "The Sons Of Odin" - which features MANOWAR’s patented, lion-hearted metal riffs mixed with arena-rock stomping grooves and orchestral arrangements - the EP includes the title track from the upcoming Manowar full-length album "Gods Of War", an orchestral version of the new song "Odin" and live performances of "The Ascension" and "King Of Kings" from the Earthshaker Fest 2005. A special Immortal Package digipak version will also feature a bonus DVD boasting 38 minutes of footage from the first ever Manowar Fan Convention in 2005 and the band's rehearsal of "Heart Of Steel" - recorded in the Czech Republic with a full choir and orchestra - as well as a video trailer for the upcoming "Live at Earthshaker Fest 2005" DVD. Finally, the DVD will also include a special audio section with 5.1 audio mixes of all 5 EP songs as well as a slide show of exclusive Manowar live shots and photos submitted by fans.

    Much is being said about the new Manowar material, but one thing is certain: it is 100% pure metal, true to Manowar's motto of always bringing something bigger, louder, faster, harder and heavier to the table. MANOWAR will continue their "Demons, Dragons and Warriors World Tour" in Europe beginning in late November, featuring Italian epic-metal legends RHAPSODY OF FIRE as special guests and introducing the newest female-fronted superstar group HOLYHELL to the world.

    MANOWAR has sold over eight million records worldwide. The last studio album "Warriors Of The World" was a critically-acclaimed chart topper throughout the world, reaching gold status in Germany.

    The upcoming MANOWAR album will be released on the band’s own label, Magic Circle Music.

    Release Date:
    The Sons Of Odin (jewel case) Cat No 078-85593 (CD)
    The Sons Of Odin (Immortal Package): Cat No 085-85590 (CD+DVD)

    October 6, 2006 (Germany),
    October 9, 2006 (Europe),
    October 24,2006 (USA)

  • 2006-08-04
  • An official statement issued today by Magic Circle Management, announced that the promoters of The Gods Of Metal have reported that, due to financial constraints placed upon their company, the festival may not take place in 2007.

    As a result, they will not honor their original agreement made with Magic Circle Management for what would be Manowar's 4th headlining appearance, bringing with them Rhapsody Of Fire as special guests and the Italian debut of HolyHell. As a side note, Manowar holds the record of headlining the Gods Of Metal Festival more times than any other band. Manowar and Magic Circle Music would like to clarify that they are in no way responsible for the cancellation of next years Manowar's performance.

    Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio says, "We wanted to inform fans as soon as possible so that they would not purchase tickets expecting to see Manowar perform at the festival. The promoters have, in the past, been known as men of honor and our trust in them went so far as to allow them exclusively to announce our appearance for 2007. We as a band understand that our Italian fans will surely be disappointed, but make no mistake about it. This was not our decision. We too are disappointed. We have been preparing a very special show just for our Italian fans and we will now seek every opportunity to bring this massive show to Italy. We will never let our fans down."

  • 2006-08-02
  • MANOWAR is back with an October 2006 release of a new single "The Sons Of Odin" followed by a full length DVD containing the historic EarthShaker Fest 2005 performance this November.

    Fans can soon expect more details about the release date of the new studio album entitled "Gods Of War".

    Watch for more updates.

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